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Reference Objects in the USA

Photo 177 At the 'University of
California' in Merced/USA
the EGIS SolarTracker is
used for concentrating
daylight onto commercial
Photo 77 EGIS rotors in a ground station
at the »U. S. Air Force Acadamy«
in Colorado Springs, USA.
Use: Mission Control.
Photo 184 An object in Los
Angeles / USA:
A 'suspended'
heliostat with
fixed deflection.
Photo 154 EGIS rotors at the USA-Antarctic-Program with Yagi antennas for ATS-3 satellite
(also used for commmanding & telemetry VHF on GOES-3) 149 MHz & 137 MHz
and LES-9 satellite 302 MHz & 249 MHz.
All of the above antennas are used in support of the "United States Antarctic
Program". The 'Malabar Satellite Operations Center' of the University of Miami
provides communications to various research stations on the Antarctic continent,
including the 'Geographic South Pole station', and 'Palmer station' in the Antarctic.
Mostly EGIS rotors are used for antenna tracking.
Photo 182 EGIS rotors in 'Museum for
Natural History' New York/USA,
department 'Outer Space and
Astro Universum' in 'Hall of
Planet Earth'.
Photo 130 The company ScientificAtlanta
uses EGIS products, too. Two
EGIS rotors in duty.

The number of objects exceeds our choice, but we could not get photos of all our finished projects.